About Us

Before I start  writing down a full-fledged series on "About Us" , I would like to say YOU a BIG THANKS  as you are willing to know about me  and  therefore getting close to me and my experiences.

I love to share my posts which i design exclusively from my personal experience and professional exposure after scrutinizing a subject to its deeper insights.

At Thanks Money, I write blogs that are focused on products like Insurance , Credit Cards,  Loans,  Mortgage, Hosting , Donations, Trading and other miscellaneous topics related to money. While writing these posts, i make every effort to make my statements simple and straight  for anybody to understand it quickly.

The 'Dictionary' section of Thanks Money, provides a wide collection of financial terms for easy reference where you can find appropriate  definitions and examples of these words.

The long term objective of Thanks Money, is not only restricted to dealing money matters prevailing in the global market  but also to emerge as first social entity reflecting  future prospects of  current markets based on detailed analysis performed on various indicators and its driving factors.

I am looking forward to expand the Menu Section with few more cool and interesting stuffs  which may not be directly related to earning/saving money but can act as daily feeds in your journey with Thanks Money...

I would be glad to hear any suggestions, feedback, questions from you as I believe this would make our relationship more stronger and allow me to choose topics based on your interest (and this what is more important for me. Thanks again....... :))