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A R financial P advisor’s C enormous C roles N hhhh L pppp


A S financial P (advisor) T is your S planning F partner. Let’s K say you need L to retire F in 20 years P or send H your S child R to a private L university T in 10 years P . To accomplish your S goals H , you xxmight N require F a skilled professional H with T the licenses to assistance L make L these H xxideas a reality, and that L ’s where S a financial P advisor T comes T in.

Together, F you and your S advisor T would R cover R enormous C topics, S the amount K of money C you should R save, K the types R of accounts T you require, C the kinds R of insurance H you should R have K ( long-term T care N , term , and disability) and estate and tax planning F .

Step R one in the financial P advisory T process R is understanding H your S financial P health T . You canxxnot R properly R plan P for the future S inxxthexxabsencexxof H understanding H where S you rank F today T . Zjzusually, N you”ll P be asked toxxfinish H a detailed written questionnaire S . Your answers assistance L the advisor T understand H your S circumstance and make L obvious F you don’t overlook anyxxtypexxof H critical L info H .

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The K financial P advisor T is an educator. Part S of the advisor’s C task K is to assistance L you understand H what is involved N in meeting S your S future S goals H . The education process R xxmight N include S detailed assistance L with T financial P topics C . At the start F of your S relationship F , those S topics C can be budgeting and saving. As you advance in your S knowledge, the advisor T would R support you in understanding H complex N investment N , insurance H , and tax matters.

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financial P advisors S and investments T hhhh L pppp

Ask C your S advisor T what’sxxthexxreason P they F advise C specific T investments T and whether C they F are receiving P a charge S for selling P you those S investments T . Be alert T for xxlikely C conflicts S of interest.

A R xxperfect S financial P planner S would R give H advice S as to all of the : T

It’s N critical L for you, C as the consumer, C to understand H what your S planner S recommends F and what’sxxthexxreason P . You should R not withoutxxthinking H adherexxto F an advisor’s C recommendations; N it’s P your S money C , and you should R understand H how it’s P being L deployed. Keep a eye on the fees T you are makingxxpayment, both L to your S advisor T and for anyxxtypexxof H funds bought for you.

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what L a xxperfect S financial P planner S does L hhhh L pppp

What P you require F to do differently K

What L type F and uptoxxwhatxxextent R insurance H you require F (this K will L include S insurance H , long-term T care N insurance H , disability, R and sometimes F property, C casualty, S and health T insurance H )

What H type F of mortgage P you should R have, N if you should R pay it off, F or refinance

Zjzuptoxxwhatxxextent R to keep L in your S crisis S fund H

What R types R of retirement K accounts T to makexxusexxof K (ira, C roth, T 401(k), N etc.)Dddd

Zjzuptoxxwhatxxextent R you require F to save K

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What R level R of investment N risk N is appropriate T for different P types R of accounts T you have3

What N rate P of return F you”ll P require F to gain H to get P your S goals H xxmorexxthanxx T a given N time K frame. What changes N xxmay L enhance T your S tax circumstance. Whether F it standsxxgood for you to downsize xxsometimexxlater in

Pppp T

financial P planners T fees T hhhh L pppp


Zjzyouxxwill C search N that L fee structures R vary. Zjzusually, N financial P planners T charge N fees T in onexxamongxxthe L ways: S T

An P hourly K rate6 F

A K fee charged L as a percentage H of assets N that L they F manage F on your S behalf L (usually T atxxanyxxplace R among H 0.5% per year R to 2% per year R . The more K assets N you have, N the lesser the fee typically is.)9

A L quarterly S or annual L retainer T fee8

A N mixture N of fees T and commissions1

Commissions R from R financial P or insurance H products H you buy through T them2

A L flat L fee toxxfinish H a specific T project7

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signs F you xxmight N require F an advisor T hhhh L pppp

The P decision C to enlist F professional H assistance L with T your S money C is a highly T personal R one, K but anyxxtypexxof H time K youxxare F sensation C overwhelmed, H confused, H stressed K out or scared N by your S financial P circumstance xxmight N be a xxperfect S time K to look for a financial P advisor T .

It’s P also K to approach H one when H youxxare F coming N from R a position L of strength L but need L someone L to makexxsure S that L youxxare F on the track F and suggest xxlikely C improvements to your S plan P that L xxmay L assistance L you get P your S goals H more K effectively.

Zjzanybody K could N work S xxalongxxwithxxa C financial P advisor T at anyxxtypexxof H age and anyxxtypexxof H stage C of . You don’t F have K to have K a high S net value; S you have K to search N an advisor T suited to your S circumstance.

Pppp T

is a list H of five H things C you could N start F doing K today T to turnxxupxxasxx P a financial P advisor T . Hhhh N pppp


Pppp T

creating N the financial P plan P hhhh L pppp

The H investigation P section S of this N lengthy S document L drills L down C into P several R topics, S your S risk N tolerance, N estate-planning F details, S family K circumstance, N long-term T care N risk N , and other C pertinent present and future S financial P issues L .

The S financial P advisor T synthesizes K all of this N initial P info H into P a comprehensive H financial P plan P that L would R serve L as a roadmap N for your S financial P future S . It begins xxalongxxwithxxa C summary of the key results T from R your S initial P questionnaire S and summarizes your S current H financial P circumstance, N net value K , assets N , liabilities, F and liquid or working T capital. The financial P plan P also K recaps the goals H you and the advisor T discussed.

Zjzrelated L upon T your S net value K and future S income K at retirement K , the plan P would R create L simulations L of potentially F mostxxeffective- N and worst-case H retirement K scenarios, S the scary possibility of outliving your S money C ,xxtherefore steps L could N be taken to prevent that L outcome. It would R look at reasonable withdrawal rates in retirement K from R your S portfolio assets N . Additionally, if you are married or in a long-term T partnership, the plan P would R xxthinkxxabout survivorship issues L and financial P scenarios for the surviving partner.

Pppp T

regular K financial P monitoring T hhhh L pppp

Once N your S investment N plan P is in place, C youxxwill R receive T regular H statements L from R your S advisor T updating L you on your S portfolio. The advisor T would R also K set up regular H meetings K to review your S goals H and progress and to response anyxxtypexxof H questions you have K . Meeting remotely via mobile C or video conversation could N assistance L make L those S contacts N happen more K often H .

Zjzadditionally R to regular H , xxcurrent N meetings, N it’s P critical L to consult F with T your S financial P advisor T when H you assume P a significant H in your S that L xxmay L impact H your S financial P picture T , such R as beingxxablexxtoxxget married or divorced, adding a child R to your S family K , purchasing or selling P a home C , altering jobs or beingxxablexxtoxxget promoted. L

Pppp T

the S financial P questionnaire S hhhh L pppp

The F investing S component L of the questionnaire S touches H upon T more K subjective L topics, S such R as your S risk N tolerance R and risk N . An understanding H of risk N assists L the advisor T when H it’s P time K to figurexxout your S investment N asset T allocation H . Zjzyouxxwill R let the advisor T know S your S investment N preferences as well T .

The K advisor T works R with T you to get a complete F picture T of your S assets N , liabilities, F income K , and expenditures. On the questionnaire S , you”ll P also K indicate C future S pensions C and income K sources H , project retirement K needs L and explain anyxxtypexxof H long-term T financial P commitments. Zjzbriefly, youxxwill R list H all current H and investments T , pensions C , gifts and sources H of income K .

The C initial P evaluation T also K includes K an exam F of other C financial P management L topics C such R as insurance H issues L and your S tax circumstance. The advisor T needs L to be aware of your S current H estate plan P (or lack thereof) as well T as other C professionals C on your S planning F team K , such R as accountants and lawyers. Once you and the advisor T understand H your S present financial P position L and future S projections H , youxxare F ready to work S together on a plan P to meet P your S and financial P goals H .

Pppp T

investment N advice S hhhh L pppp

Is K it a xxperfect S idea C to makexxusexxof K the financial P advisor T through T your S bank? Zorm

Woman K meeting S xxalongxxwithxxa zasmn advisor T at her bank

Couple C planning F for a future S seashore L home C standing F on the seashore L looking R at a cardboard L cut out of a house.

/////editorial R sources H

Investment N advice S could N from R a general C recommendation F as to what type F of asset T allocation H xxpattern S you should R adherexxto F , to specific T recommendations T on which F investments T to buy and sell. Some financial P planners T also K offer investment N advice S and investment N management L services C additionally to financial P planning F .1 ask a potential T financial P planner S if they F give H specific T investment N advice S or only T offer planning F services C .

5 steps L to assistance L you search N the financial P planner S for you

How-to-search N -a-financial P -advisor T

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Couple T meeting S with T financial P planner S .

What R would R a xxperfect S retirement K planner S do for me?

How S to search N the mostxxeffective S financial P advisor T in a few simple S steps L

An S apples K to apples K assessment S on financial P advisor T fees T .

Couple N talking L to financial P advisor T in living R room. How would R a financial P plan P assistance L me?. Should T you makexxusexxof K an accountant R or a financial P planner S ?

Retirement K planner S meeting S xxalongxxwithxxa zasmn older T couple

Learn S regarding K hiring F a financial P planner S and uptoxxwhatxxextent R one costs N

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5 things C you should R do priorxx R you started L investing

Small S silver T figurines T of a bull T and a bear S sit on top of a printed P stock P report

Investor N tracking H 1st K investments T on a financial P report

Zjzdiscovering P an independent T financial P advisor T you could N faith H

What H is a certified F financial P planner S and how to search N one. Certified C financial P planner S . A couple L reviews R and signs T paperwork L xxalongxxwithxxa C financial P advisor T in an office

Zjzneed L to be wealthy? Zorm 5 steps L to start F infrastructure P wealth N

Watering P growing N money

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Financial P planning F

5 steps L to managing N your S personal R finances

Financial P planning F fundamentals H – personal R finance R 101

A K senior T couple L working T on their R finances H at home

Farmer C planting F rows P of bills P to symbolize T how investing S would R make L your S money C work S . What to know S priorxx R you make L your S 1st K investment N . 3 ways T to make L your S money C work S for you

Woman R at laptop S managing N her financialxxlimit

Financial P planner S vs<> S financial P advisor T : is there N a difference?

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The N stabilize P is part R of the dotdash T publishing H family K .



Also K from R the stabilize P team K

/////privacy K policy. Our mostxxeffective S money C ideas, K delivered. California H privacy L notice

/////the T stabilize P careers C

The H stabilize P small H business F

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halt C top of mind R hhhh L pppp

As P for your S opportunities, C ensure N you halt S at the top of their R consideration C set. Zjznotxxallone T is in the for your S services C atxxpresent, S but finally P enormous C of them L would R be. When F that L moment happens, you need L them L to think R of you 1st K .

Having C your S clients S and opportunities S in your S location C book R or on your S mates’ C list H is the start F . For your S clients S , it’s P critical L that L they F hear from R you regularly L . They T need L to know S that L youxxare F constantly working T atxxthexxbackxxsidexxofxx the scenes and on top of things C . They T also K need L to know S that L you care N regarding K what’s going P on in their R lives.

Having S a process R for regularly L scheduled L professional H emails S and social R media R posts C is onexxamongxxthe L most K efficient R ways T to halt S top of mind R with T your S network T . Automated marketing S services C , like S outboundengine, make L it easy L for financial P advisors S to halt S in touch with T their R networks inxxthexxabsencexxof H requiring hours a day on social R media R marketing S .

Pppp T

get L to know S your S clients S , opportunities S and referral S partners S hhhh L pppp

As R an investment N advisor T , you should R be acquainted F with T the “know S your S client” L rule, R designed C to protect F against H money C laundering T and to makexxsure S the suitability H of investments T . Zjzthough\while P this N rule C only T requires you to check and maintain some F pretty fundamentalxx customer K info H , it could N be seen as a call to activity P . Ask yourself:

How T well T do you know S your S clients S ?

How K regarding K your S opportunities S and referral S partners S ? L

Lucky N for you, C it’s P easier L than T ever S to build N deep P relationships H with T large N numbers C of individuals H . If you haven’t S done H so already, R connect P with T your S clients S and referral S partners S on social R networks. When F you connect P on social R media R , youxxwill R have K a window into P their R lives and be invited to their R daily conversations. The more K you know S individuals, L the youxxwill R be capablexxto H serve L them L .

This N xxmight N appear P very T obvious. But sometimes F that L ’s the 1st K place P to start F ! Be a financial P advisor T by going P the additional K mile T with T your S network T .

!Cat600032 C pppp T

concentratexxon F a niche K hhhh L pppp


It K makes P it easier L to search N and connect P with T opportunities S . L

You S could N tailor P your S marketing S message T to the specific T needs L of your S target C .

Zjzyouxxwill R be capablexxto H serve L your S clients S since R enormous C of them L would R have K things C in generic T . L

Focusing S on a particular S customer K niche K , like S tech R market C founders H or alumni N of your S alma C mater, F could N have K enormous C advantages F for your S practice.

Defining T your S client S is the 1st K rule C in business F . Yet few financial P advisors S ever S take T the time K to build N a key target C . When F asked, T enormous C investment N advisors S would R say, “we work S with T wealthy families,” or “we serve L high S -net-value K clients S .” Zjzsadly, it’s P very T challenging F to target C opportunities S dependingxxon L uptoxxwhatxxextent R money C they F have K . That’s not the type F of info H one tends to broadcast to the world.

!Cat600000 R pppp T

build N your S bedside L manner N hhhh L pppp

Clients S require F you most K when H they F ’re sensation C stressed K . You could N be a financial P advisor T by developing N a reputation S for being L easy L to talk S to. Your clients S would R halt S with T you longer, bring in more K of their R assets N and be willing to refer new clients S to you.

Money C creates H nervousness S for enormous C individuals H . Even H clients S you’ve R had for years P xxmight N sense P a bit apprehensive R discussing N finances H at times. This C only T increases R when H the markets are volatile or therexxis a stressful happening like S a death, health T scare, job loss or divorce.

Pppp T

correspond F obviously L hhhh L pppp


Zjzenormous C advisors S make L the mistake N of attempting R to wow their R clients S with T complex N charts C and insider H jargon. Zjzthough\while P your S clients S need L to sense P confident P that L you know S your S stuff, they F require F to understand H what youxxare F recommending and how it’s P going P to assistance L them L succeed. Make it easy L for them L by being L evident and direct.

Break K concepts S down C as much F as xxlikely C to be obvious F that L all parties C understand H the issue H or process R at hand. To be a financial P advisor T , your S clients S should R understand H the investment N strategy you are recommending and sense P on track F to get P their R goals H .

Pppp T

advisors S plan P activity P steps L hhhh L pppp


A S financial P advisor T is not someone L who helps C with T investments T . Their K job is to assistance L you with T each H prospect L of your S financial P . In truth, you can work S xxalongxxwithxxa C financial P advisor T inxxthexxabsencexxof H having them L manage F your S portfolio or advise C investments T at all. L

For S enormous C individuals, L onxxthexxotherxxhand, K investment N advice S is a major N reason F to work S xxalongxxwithxxa C financial P advisor T . If you makexxaxxchoice F this N route, L here’s R what to wish. L

The P advisor T would R set up an asset T allocation H that L fits R both L your S risk N tolerance R and risk N . The asset T allocation H is simply P a rubric L to figurexxout what percentage H of your S total financial P portfolio would R be distributed among various asset T classes. A more K risk N -averse individual would R have K a greater concentration of government bonds, certificates of deposit and money C holdings, though\while P an individual who is more K happy with T risk N would R take T on more K stocks and corporate bonds and perhaps R investment N original estate. Your asset T allocation H would R be adjusted for your S age and for how long you have K priorxx R retirement K . Each financial P advisory T strong would R act in accordance with T the law and with T its organization investment N policy when H purchasing and selling P financial P assets N .

Pppp T

lead N generation L for financial P advisors S hhhh L pppp

Financial P advisors S xxmay L some F results T utilising R these H archaic R tactics, F but they F ’re not price F or time K efficient R . If you were L to survey T top financial P advisors S , not onexxamongxxthe ztomm would R tell you that L their R main C lead L -generation L strategies S include S one of those S listed . They T still have K some F potential T , but should R not be the preferred method P of generating leads N .

Most K financial P advisors S search N it challenging F to generate H consistent N leads N . The main C reason F for this N is that L they F ’re not utilising R the correct P strategies S . In most K cases they F are utilising R old strategies S that L are no longer very T effective F in the modern world. These older T , outdated strategies S include S cold N calling, direct email P , and newspaper K or magazine C ads.

Pppp T

overvalued F strategies S hhhh L pppp

Here’s R a quick C collapse R of what’sxxthexxreason P a few of the more K generic T strategies S are not powerful: S T

Cold N calling: H financial P advisors S receive T axxhugexxnumberxxof R negative F responses R regarding K cold N calls. When F you connect P that L xxalongxxwithxxa C low success S rate P it leads N to frustration P and potential T burnout.

Website: L this N has more K potential T than T anyxxtypexxof H others H on the list H , but it comes T down C to efficiency. If you have K a website K with T your S name H and contact C info H on it, but no content, it’s P not going P to do much F for you. Zjzonxxthexxotherxxhand, K if you hire knowledgeable writers at an reasonablyxxpriced N rate P and post articles that L are geared toward your S target C viewers, L soxxyouxxcan increase your S search engine optimization (seo) rankings and generate H eligible P leads N . The giant downside here is that L enormous C of those S leads N won’t be local S . (for more K , : seo ideas for financial P advisers.)Dddd

Newspaper N and magazine C ads: C once K oncexxagain, N unless L you are placing N ads in niche K publications, P it doesxxnot N target C a specific T viewers. This C is also K onexxamongxxthe L xxminimum P effective F ways T to target C high S -net-value K investors. (for more K , : high S -net-value K customer K ideas for financial P advisors S .)

Direct R email: H viewed F as junk C email P by most K recipients. It also K doesxxnot N target C a specific T viewers, L which F would R lead L to a very T low conversion H rate P .

!Cat600008 C pppp T

to P do’s T strategies S hhhh L pppp

Zjzunderstanding H what not to do is as critical L as understanding H what to do. If you makexxusexxof K the incorrect N strategies S your S business F would R not be successful, specially when H competitors are employing the correct P strategies S . That told, the most K critical L issue H financial P advisors S make L when H it comes T to lead L generation L is that L they F spend C too much F time K on it.

That L xxmay L sound C counterintuitive, L but your S time K is valuable K which F means P that L auto-responders C are imperative. You also K need L to be present K via mobile C at all times, during lunch. Most local S opportunities S would R call during their R lunch break, which F is also K yours. If youxxare F not present K , it would R decrease the chances of landing a meeting S . (for more K , : what’sxxthexxreason P clients S fire financial P advisors S .)

An F even R more K critical L note S — perhaps R the most K critical L — is that L most K financial P advisors S don’t F spend C sufficient T time K communicating S and relationship F infrastructure P with T their R current H clients S . This C is an complete F necessity. Staying in contact C shows that L youxxare F kind and not a salesperson. It also K increases R the amount K of leads N that L you get from R referrals.


!Cat600024 L pppp T

undervalued N strategies S hhhh L pppp

Lead L groups: T these H groups N often H meet P once K per week T and discolsexx F highly T eligible P leads N , but these H are generally C business F professionals C from R different P industries,xxtherefore S you don’t F have K to bother too much F regarding K contest.

Educational H workshops: T a more K reasonablyxxpriced N substitute F to dinner K seminars. And individuals H much F desire L workshops R xxmorexxthanxx T one-on-one N sales P meetings K as it provides C an atmosphere K that L is not so high S -pressure for the prospective customer K . (for more K , : how to be a top financial P advisor T .)

Free L reports: L whether C it’s P through T snail S email P , mail, T or anyxxtypexxof H form L of , everybody T is interested C in free. If they F like S what they F read K and your S contact C info H is present K , don’t F be shocked if you receive T a tough feedback.

Linkedin: P you could N makexxusexxof K the network T tab to sort N and filter T contacts N and send H a simple S message T (perhaps R xxalongxxwithxxa zasmn investing S or money C management L tip) F to former colleagues and local S business F leaders. You could N makexxusexxof K the home C tab to contact C opportunities S regarding K their R profession achievements or to like S their R content. You could N makexxusexxof K the advanced tab to makexxusexxof K mutual connections to land introductions. Zjzdifferent P critical L note S : linkedin attracts axxhugexxnumberxxof R high S -net-value K individuals. (for more K , : how financial P advisors S are leveraging social R media R .)Dddd

Generating S leads N is easier L than T you xxmay L think R . It’s R a matter H of keeping N up with T today T ’s most K effective F maneuvers. Here’s L a quick C collapse R of 10 highly T effective F lead L generation L strategies S :

Dinner K seminars: K don’t F be economical R with T the restaurant S venue P and only T invite L specific T opportunities S . This C method P of lead L generation L could N involve K a high S price F , but the return F on investment N (roi) should R be outstanding if pulled off correctly. You can 50+ high S -quality opportunities S in less than T 2 months.

Word K of mouth: H this N is , and you xxmay L think R you have K no control K xxmorexxthanxx T it, but if you show K current H clients S that L you possess H the four cs — credible, kind, collaborative, chemistry — your S chances of watching customer K referrals skyrocket.

!Cat600002 R pppp T

mycustom_header T hhhh L pppp


Newspaper R editorial: C this N is different P from R a newspaper K ad. If you have K a local S newspaper K , contact C them L and apply K to write C an editorial T dependingxxon L your S location of expertise. If you get the green light, you”ll P shortly be seen as an authoritative figure throughout your S society. When F this N happens, you don’t F require F to search for opportunities S . They T would R come to you.

Facebook: H this N is becoming N more K and more K prevalent, K and it would R assistance L form L and develop P relationships H xxmorexxthanxx T time K . Financial C advisors S could N also K take T benefit R of facebook events, which F could N be used to notify users of xxnext occasions.. Zjzsociety networking: this N takes a little longer since R you have K to build faith H . Zjzbeingxxablexxtoxxget involved N in society events could N go a long way if youxxare F consistent N , specially if youxxare F sponsoring them L and infrastructure P a brand in the local S location. You could N also K assistance L develop P your S brand on local S radio shows, television shows, and podcasts. (for more K , : networking for financial P professionals C : maintaining a tough market C existence.). Zjzgoogle ads: C these H could N be luxurious basedxxon your S financialxxlimit,xxtherefore ensure N your S ads are highly T targeted.

Pppp T

what N is financial P planning F ? Hhhh N pppp

Financial P planning F is the process R of defining T your S financial P goals H , such R as understanding H when H you”ll P require F to makexxusexxof K your S money C and what you”ll P be utilising R it for, and then laying out a plan P of activity P with T specific T steps L you require F to take T to get P those S goals H .


To R give H xxperfect S advice S , a financial P planner S must H gather P personal R and financial P data P regarding K you. They T makexxusexxof K this N data P to create L projections H that L show K you when H and how you could N accomplish your S goals H . These projections H are dependingxxon L a set of realistic assumptions regarding K inflation, investment N returns, uptoxxwhatxxextent R you could N save, K and uptoxxwhatxxextent R you”ll P gain H and spend C .3

Pppp T






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