Top 10 credit cards in 2018 and their best features!!!

In today’ world Credit Cards are no longer an auxiliary card to be kept well within our pockets just to reflect our status or credibility in the society. Instead, it has now evolved as a ‘must have’ for every-ones need to play smartly in the market.

Let me put it simple- Are you a frequent traveler? Or you are someone who desperately goes out for  dine & wine as your spouse is not cooking so great and  you have got a bad taste? Or may be you are accompanied by a group of greedy friends who never let you skip any treat that of course is pending from your end. Or, you wish to watch every movie that entices you.

Never mind… credit cards has got solutions to all your immediate financial needs !!! Now, it’s up to you to decide, how much you want to compromise on the interest that goes out from your pocket if you miss to make repayments in time.

But if we some how make our credit expenses work slightly towards our benefits, it would definitely be a good deal:-

OFFERS are not always consistent:

Do you have a strong belief that your credit card offers the best features available in the market and are you 100% sure that you are privileged for having a great relation ship with your credit card provider. We know out there exists a huge competition within credit card providers to meet their sales targets and so we are offered reasonable deals to increase their sales.

We should smartly pick the cards with best deals to address all our requirements and limit our holdings.

Look for offers with traps:

We know how are the offers are sometimes clubbed with infinite terms and condition. And, when we try to qualify these offers, we end up paying more than that what we had finally received, isn’t it? There is a huge different between a genuine offer and a trap offer and unfortunately the traps are more in business. So one should be smart in choosing the card to realize the offers and avoid any  potential financial harm.

Reward gifts :

Reward points or gifts  are one of most conventional method to receive an additional advantage from  your credit card spending and is also more reliable. As soon as you earn a reward you may choose to redeem or wait until you accumulate more points to purchase a more valuable  gift. Smart folks makes best use of this feature in particular and are those who always admire credit cards.

Annual fees:

Traditionally, Annual fees was a mandate for the credit card provider to run their business and maintain your accounts. But, you must be knowing there are quite a few credit card companies who offers a free annual maintenance charge and in some cases, it is derived from your credit scores as well.

All the above points should be kept in mind to find  the best credit card  and leverage our credibility to the maximum.


Here I am going to list down few Top credit cards against various categories that can serve you the most in 2017:


Category 1: Best ‘Cash Back Rewards’  credit cards in 2017

Cash backs are rewards that you can earn in points, cents or miles on all your spending made through your credit cards. These can further be redeemed as a Statement credit, checks or direct deposits in the bank account.

  1. Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Pricing Parameters Offered Values Additional Benefits
Annual Fee 0% Purchase Protection
Price Protection
Zero Liability Protection
Return Protection
Extended Warranty Protection
Flexible payment benefit
Reward points
Earning Rate= 1.5% cash back on every purchase
Annual Percentage Rate 15.49% – 24.24%
0% APR Balance Transfer Offer Zero percent APR for 15 months from account opening on purchases and balance transfers
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Balance Transfer Fee 5% (Minimum $5)
Sign-up Bonus 1. Bonus of $150 upon immediately after spending $500 in first 3 months.
2. Bonus of $25 on adding first authorized user and making your first purchase within first 3 months


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