Top 10 Bachelor’s Degree programs for earning high salaries in 2017 and 2018

Dear friends, we all know that degree plays a vital role in our academic as well as professional life. This is also an important pre-requisite to achieve  high payrolls and live a successful life. But, the current market and business focuses only on those degrees which are in high demand and can generate more revenues for them. Just holding any Bachelor's degree in current situation, is not going help either you or your prospective employer. So, one should look at lots of external parameters and market indicator before choosing the right Bachelor's degree for themselves.

Typically, a Bachelor's degree is for a period of 3 to 4 years and so it is very important that you make prior analysis on all the available streams and find out the best Bachelor's Degree which suit to your interest and increase your potential for earning more in future.

What factors should you consider for deciding the best Bachelor's Degree for yourself?

Following are key factors that you should consider while choosing the best degree course for yourself:

1.Your Interest:

Your interest in the program is very important for successful completion of degree course and to develop your professional life on the same domain. However, make sure that your area of interest if not fully at least partially based on practical evidences and focus on long term growth.

Example, a person might have a interest in marketing but he lacks good communication skills and don’t want to travel much. Similarly, if a person has interest in Home Economics but holding just a batcher's degree in same may not be sufficient to get a better job and salary.

2.Your existing skill-sets:

Your current skill set is an outcome of your previous efforts and dedication that have developed gradually since your childhood. Each individual has a specific set of skills that he or she can perform confidently and can do it better than others.

For example, a person could be good at Mathematics and not so good at literature Or  a personal is good at written communication but not so good at verbal.

Everyone of us has week and strong areas and our skill-sets are  develop primarily as a consolidated effect of our strong traits.

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3.Scope of particular Bachelor's degree program in future:

What are the chances that you will get a job  with a good salary after completing the degree program?

Would you face any challenges?

Are most  students who have completed the course able to earn good and living happy life?

Are there any failure cases, if yes what are the reasons for failure?

How much growth can you practically achieve in long run?

What are the chances of this domain being evergreen and long lasting?

Do you see any scope of shifting your roles and grow faster?

The answer to all the above question would define the scope of the Bachelor's degree that you are looking for. You must collect facts and figures from the market for all the question and analyze deeply in you are making a right choice for yourself.

Also factor the time that you will spend completing your course and analyze the market potential accordingly, for example, if you are getting enrolled for a 4 years program and planning to start in 2018. Predict the market situation in 2022 (2018+ 4 years) to gather the information on the validity of your degree. You can take help of carrier consultants and market analysts  who can present a prospective market condition to you, you may further take your call accordingly.

4.Availability of colleges for the Bachelor's degree program you are looking for:

Can you get the admission into the best college for a degree program of your choice?

Will you be able to afford the fee and other expenses required for the completion of the degree?

Are there enough number of colleges available in your state or country?

Are the colleges fully equipped with mandatory materials required to aid the degree program?

Can you easily get a Vocational or industry training by the reputation the college?

Do the companies leading in the market often visits and recruits students from the college each year?

Are the college management serious about the career prospects of their students?

All the above questions should be answers based on the facts collected from various colleges where you are likely to get the admission. You can decide and  set the priorities against all the questions above and accordingly look for the suitable degree course and college to join for your Bachelor's degree program.

5.Return on Investment:

Now a days pursuing a degree is consider as an investment that can increase your earning potential. A mid career program or executive degree course are those which are directly related to an immediate financial and professional growth.

So, you must also know how much you can make the return on your investment. While for the degrees which are high in demand, the overall fees is also too high and most of the students avail an education loan to complete the course, knowing the ROI upfront can help you to determine the best Bachelor's degree program for you.

Finally,  what are the top 10 Bachelor's degree courses that can offer the highest  salaries in 2017-2018?

1. Petroleum Engineering

2. Physician Assistant Studies

3. Metallurgical Engineering

4. Marine Engineering

5. Computer Systems Engineering

6. Mining Engineering

7. Chemical Engineering

8. Nuclear Engineering

9. Electrical Power Engineering

10.Aerospace Engineering

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