What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is condition of human body when the thin coating of the tissue which protects most inner organs like lungs, heart, abdomen grows uncontrollably due to the presence of a cancer cell. This thin layer of the tissue is responsible for protecting the internal organs and is termed as ‘mesothelium’. Hence, the condition of its disorder is known as ‘Mesothelioma’.

What is the cause of Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is typically associated with exposure to ASBESTOS (a fibrous material used primarily due to its properties like Insulation, Fire resistance, Strength and Less susceptible to corrosion).

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Mesothelioma being one of the rarest form of cancer in the world, is difficult to identify at an initial stage. Most symptoms of Mesothelioma during initial stage are not so intense that even requires an immediate medical assistance.

Identifying early medical signs: Diagnosing mesothelioma at an early stage can do wonders as most treatments are quite effective during initial stages.

Now the biggest question is how can a person know if he or she has mesothelioma at an early stage:

To answer this, ask yourselves the below 2 simple questions:

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In a nutshell, CONFIDENCE can be attributed as below: -

C: Controlled

O: Objective

N: Nurture

F: Friendly

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D: Dedicated

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N: Noble

C: Cherished

E: Engaged

All the above traits together demonstrate CONFIDENCE in a person.

Know how to improve your self-confidence and boost it to a level where you influence others by your best qualities and feel confident in every

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