Secretes of Self Confidence and know how to improve self-confidence!

In a nutshell, CONFIDENCE can be attributed as below: -

C: Controlled

O: Objective

N: Nurture

F: Friendly

I: Intellectual

D: Dedicated

E: Enthusiastic

N: Noble

C: Cherished

E: Engaged

All the above traits together demonstrate CONFIDENCE in a person.

Know how to improve your self-confidence and boost it to a level where you influence others by your best qualities and feel confident in every situation: -

Secretes of Self Confidence-

I have often encountered people desperate to know the secretes of self-confidence and when I met them, I asked just one question- Do you know the recipe of your favorite cuisine? And I always got a ‘Yes’.

Cummon, how does it make sense?? How does knowing a recipe relates to improving your self-confidence.

...And I said it’s a secret recipe. All one should know is correct ingredients and perfect proportions of these ingredients to improve the taste of his/her favorite cuisine.

Improving your Confidence is more like preparing your favorite cuisine, all you should be aware of is – The Key Ingredients.

And Here I go…to serve all the Ingredients at your table which would help you configure your self-confidence in your own way:

  1. Belief in yourself:

Remember, the day you started learning to drive a CAR (or a motor bike) and the level of self – belief you possessed throughout your learning phase before you became an expert in driving.

Self-belief keeps you motivated and supplies energy to beat the challenges and come out of any problems in life.

How can someone start believing in himself after so many years??

It’s practically damn easy, start making promises to yourself and eventually accomplish. Start with small (and not so hard) promises initially and give your best to keep those promises. Each success would contribute toward strengthening your self-belief.  Practice it quite often and gradually move towards more achieving more challenging promises.

  1. Come out of your comfort zone:

Let me ask you following questions-

What do you generally do over a weekend??


How do you spend your leisure time??

If your answers are anything which doesn’t challenge your emotional or physical comfort at all, you might need to re-visit your weekends to -do list. Take some time to explore the areas where you feel less confident and slowly push yourself towards perfection. Remember, Home-work is always important. Try to make yourself more socially engaged & spend quality time with family.


  1. The fear of failure (FOF) doesn’t exist: 

‘Failure’ is just an out-come of an activity, there could be several reasons for a failure; however, the FOF exists only in our mind and not in reality. It comes from our previous experiences of failure and the intensity of fear depends on how bad have we felt in past about our failures.

Now, its time to stop thinking bad about failures which would eventually result in lesser FOF in future. Subsequently, the level of confidence would also increase dramatically.  Focus on the ‘learning’ from failures to stop fabricating negative feeling about a Failure.

  1. Stay Motivated for Self-confidence: 

Like any other human traits, confidence is also not permanent. Motivations and achievements are the only factors which keeps protecting your self-confidence.


  1. Confidence build leadership: 

Your growing confidence may not be liked or accepted at first in your close circles, don’t get disappointed as this is the first sign of success on your way to achieve self-confidence. Most Great Leaders now were not liked much initially.


  1. Don’t miss your daily physical exercise: 

The high level of Self-confidence can be maintained only in healthy conditions and physical exercise plays a vital role in keeping a good health and mental stability.


So, now you know the secrets of improving your self-confidence. Please write to me if you are facing any challenges  in improving your self-confidence. All the best… 🙂




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