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How cashback credit cards work

How cash back credit card works

A few cards offer the chance to win much more cash back on purchases made by enlisting in quarterly or shopping through their virtual shopping gateways. Money back is offered by many credit card companies on some of their rewards credit cards. Money back refers to winning back a level of the cash you spend on your credit card. A few cards offer the chance to win considerably more cash back on purchases made by registering in quarterly promotions or shopping through their virtual shopping gateways. Read More

smart ways of using credit card in 2017

Managing your credit card smartly can provide you enough space to deal with your financial problems and rotate funds profitably.  Though credit cards are liabilities you own, it can do wonders through providing a stable financial backing. Here are few smart ways of using credits cards in 2017: -

Check your credit card statement

The best approach to check your monthly statement is to keep the greater part of your credit card receipts every month, at that point tick them off against the charges on your statement. Read More


A cash back credit card is one that provides rewards against the purchases that you make from your card. You can accumulate these rewards as points, cents or miles and redeem the same as statement credit or cheque or deposit in your account. Below are few best benefits of holding a cash back credit card in 2017-

1.Ease of use:

A cash back credit card comes with an easy instruction and is not complex to understand and use for any purchase that you make. Knowing the rate of return on your credit card, you can easily calculate the cash back that you can expect after any purchase.

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In today’ world Credit Cards are no longer an auxiliary card to be kept well within our pockets just to reflect our status or credibility in the society. Instead, it has now evolved as a ‘must have’ for every-ones need to play smartly in the market.

Let me put it simple- Are you a frequent traveler? Or you are someone who desperately goes out for  dine & wine as your spouse is not cooking so great and  you have got a bad taste? Or may be you are accompanied by a group of greedy friends who never let you skip any treat that of course is pending from your end. Or, you wish to watch every movie that entices you.

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