Magic tricks to increase your website traffic in just few days!!

Are you struggling hard increase your website traffic even after applying all the techniques learnt from various resources.

You don’t find your web traffic increasing and your website is not able to make much money.

Here are few methods and tricks which would magically turn your current lazy and sleepy blog to a super active and dynamic one. Guess what, you also need not to spend too much time on SEO and copywrite activities.

Must follow Steps for any website to boost its traffic with in just few days:-
• Designing a Site map: Sitemap is essentially responsible to present all the pages available at your website and is a filetype with .xml extension. Sitemaps also inform the date and time at which the contents were added to your website and how frequently you update your webpages. There could be a need for few websites to update its content on a daily basis for latest gadgets or newscasts, sitemaps can clearly communicate these details to search engines and helps the website to reflect in top results which ultimately increases the website traffic. If you are someone who has created your website in WordPress theme, XML Sitemap plugin powered by Google is one of the best option for you to make a sitemap which would constantly update Google about any modification done or new contents added to your website.

  • Loading speed of your website Matters!!

Loading your website is essentially important to obtain top ranks in search results and increase website traffic. Google do consider your website loading speed before producing it in search results. So, make sure that the theme used for your website a light and doesn’t carry unwanted tools or programs which may otherwise effect the loading speed of your website. Never use unnecessary plugins in your website which may also factor a delay in the loading speed.
Images that you use in your contents also plays a vital role in the loading speed of your website; therefore, avoid using images that are extremely large and have high pixels. The loading speed of your website is directly proportional to the Increase in website traffic.

  • Keeping track of you website ranking !!

On your way to build a successful website, you must keep an eye on your website ranking, this would let you figure out how much you have moved and how far is your target. Optimizing your contents by knowing your website’s actual rank would help your website to gain position much quickly and increase website traffic.
There are quite a few online tools (both free and paid) which can help you to get your website ranks pretty easily.
Role of Google Analytics in preparing your website to win!!
Google analytics at one place helps to monitor and analyze the progress of your website and on the other side it also indirectly acknowledges google about the contents added in your website. With Google Analytics, one can easily track the website traffic and the geographical region from where the traffic is getting generated. Google Analytics is the best plugin to monitor your website traffic.

  • Optimize the use of keywords to boost your website visibility!!

Keywords are important to list your website in search results and increase website traffic. The heading of your webpage must have relevant keywords to intimate search engines regarding the content of the webpage. The URL and the meta description should also contain the keyword for which your webpage is targeted.
However, excessive use of keyword may also degrade the ranking as the search engines may consider it as a spam and would not reflect webpage at top results. Therefore, one should make an optimal use of keywords to increase website traffic.

Bring your focus to gain more organic traffic: Organic traffic is the one which generates naturally through search results, however a non-organic traffic is the one which comes through referrals, advertisements or social networks. So, its critically important to know the source of your website traffic. Targeting more organic traffic also increases the conversion ratio of your website.

  •  Don’t forget to create strong social profiles for your website–

Google bots generally locates your website through links. The best way to obtain easy and effective links is through social profiles and ensure that you post every blog which you create at social sites along with the URL to your post. Twitter, Google plus Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube are the best social networks to increase website traffic.

  • Have you missed creating FeedBurner & RSS? -

Guys, if you have not created Google’s feedburners for your posts yet, go ahead and burn it soon. I find it truly effective way to increase website traffic. Feedburner is owned by Google and is a RSS management tool. Its pretty easy to Sign up with your google account and submit your daily feeds using Feedburner. Your blogs are updated in just few seconds after copy- paste of your feed & URL. These updates on Google’s feedburner also initimates google that your website has newly added content & is waiting for its identification during google searches.

  • Is the static pages of your website getting enough traffic? –

Usually the crawlers set high priorities to blog pages compared to the static pages where you have listed all your product for sales. However, writing a blog on your products and placing a link to re-direct crawlers to static pages can enhance the capacity of your static pages to get recognized & be thrown in top results by the search engines.
With all the above techniques you can easily increase your traffic considerably with just few days.


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