Real estate lead generation- Top 5 ways!

If you are a real estate agent, you definitely need to generate high volume leads to attract prospective customers and finally covert into deals. Long before, digital marketing was not having its feet in real estate industry and all as an agent has to do is more like promoting services, distributing pamphlets, calling over the phones and other trivial methods. However, with time all these conventional methods has almost died and the generation of leads are majorly through electronic media.

Now your clients are more smarter and knows about all the market indicators. They may easily find any instance of plain-spoken or difference in opinion. So, gaining trust seems to be more difficult than ever before.

Here are few ways to generate real estate leads to dive long in the market: –

  • Still think that social media is only for posting personal pictures and comments?

It’s a wakeup call friends, Social media is now one the most active platform to generate leads. Using social media, you have chosen a world where millions of visitor are looking for relevant information and you win the world if you can win their hearts.  Make social media to work for you and post all such information that you feel can lead your prospect to get in touch with you. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are among the most dynamic platforms to shoot up your leads.

  • Where you think a client would search for a real estate property?

Can’t be anything other than real estate websites. So, sign up, register and subscribe to all the top real estate websites in your city, state or country. Advertise the properties and trigger them to get in touch with you.

  • Do you think websites are only for writing blogs and posting comments?

This is my favorite, websites are one of the most powerful tool which can be used to generate the highest lead possible. Create a personalized website and write a detailed description about the property. Prompt your audience to send inquiries and link a call to an action button and show them designs, maps, images, location, pricing tables at a single glance. You may place banner images of the property to attract your audience and don’t miss to mention your contact details for phone inquiries.

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  • Who can refer prospective clients to you?

Referrals are very important to generate leads, your existing clients and financial institutions can contribute a lot to generate referral leads and they are essential as have the highest conversion rates.

Any referral adds up some level of trust and belief, which is far more important than extraordinary claims and presentations. So, do get in touch with your previous clients and banks you usually co-ordinate with and get a referral traffic to increase your lead generation.

  • Who doesn’t like gifts?

Influence your clients by offering some gifts. A closing or a co congratulatory gift would strengthen your relationships and would increases your chance of gaining more referral clients in a shorter duration.

A thank you note pinned with a small gift to all buyers can do wonders in achieving your long-term goals.